Let’s find out the best offers on loans available for 2019. We will see the best opportunities to be seized on the spot both for personal loans offered by banks and financial institutions and for loans made by private individuals. The conditions of the funding on offer and the requirements necessary to submit the request.

Offers Astrofinance Personal Loans: when and how to take advantage of the best financing

Offers Astrofinance Personal Loans: when and how to take advantage of the best financing

If you are looking for the best offers on personal loans, then it is possible that the solution that suits you is the one reserved for Astrofinance customers. With this funding it is possible to receive a sum of money ranging from 1000 euros up to as many as 60000 euros. Without dwelling too much on the general characteristics of Astrofinance personal loans, the aspect on which we dwell in this article are the numerous offers that are published from time to time on the bank’s website. For this reason our advice is to periodically visit the Astrofinance web page to stay up to date on the best financing available, so you do not miss the most convenient deals.

For example, currently the Astrofinance offer of June 2019 is presented to us through an example of an estimate that we find on the homepage of the Astrofinance website. The request considered is for an amount equal to 15000 euros, which could be useful for the purchase of a car, for the renovation of the house and so on. If you want to complete the reimbursement in total serenity, you can choose a rather high duration, in order to fix light monthly installments. Astrofinance in its offer recommends a refund in 96 installments, each amounting to € 195.00. In this case, the offer provides rather low interest rates, with a fixed Tan 5.70% and fixed Taeg 5.86%. The total amount to be repaid will therefore be equal to 18720 euros, for a cost of financing of 3720 euros, which considering the high number of installments is very convenient.

Ultranix Personal Loan on offer: installment calculation and interest rates

Another credit institution that allows us to receive personal loans at very good conditions is Ultranix. As pointed out on the company’s website, it is possible to apply for a completely online loan to receive up to € 30,000 in just 48 hours. Also very important for the evaluation of a loan is certainly the flexibility and the ability to adapt to customer needs. In this sense, Ultranix is undoubtedly among the best financials in circulation, as it allows us to choose a duration from 12 months up to 120 months. In this way all those seeking a loan with light monthly installments will be satisfied. At the same time if you prefer to save on the cost of interest, then it is necessary to set the lowest possible duration among those that provide for an installment within our reach.

Also with regard to Ultranix loans it is good to stay up to date on the latest offers available, which are presented to us on the company’s website. We are presented with a representative example of the most recurring cases, which considering a 12-month observation period turned out to be a request for 10,000 euros with repayment in 84 months. In this case, the monthly repayment installments provided for by the offer will be very light, given that we are talking about 147.00 euros. As for interest rates, Ultranix provides a 5.59% Tan and 6.37% Taeg. In this offer presented on the Agos website there is a charge of € 2,348.00, and there is no monthly cost of practical management.

Bankate financing: free online quote to compare the best offers

Bankate is among the credit institutions that frequently publish interesting offers on their website. As always, the best method to find the best loan among those offered is to request a free quote online. On the Bankate website we are immediately offered the possibility to calculate the installment and the interest through the simulator. To know all the features of our financing, just enter the amount to which we are interested and the amount we want to fix. By entering our date of birth and clicking on “Free Quote” we will immediately present all the best offers of Bankate that meet our requests.

First of all, it is important to underline how Bankate loans do not involve preliminary costs. Also very useful is the possibility to present the 100% request online using the digital signature and therefore in total security. So let’s see the example presented to us on the company’s website to see in detail the characteristics of the Bankate offer. Also in this case a 10,000 euro loan is considered, with repayment in 72 installments. By choosing these parameters we will be offered a monthly repayment installment of € 168.10, therefore decidedly light. Interest rates will be quite convenient, with a 6.50% Tan and 6.82% Taeg.

Flesh Loan Offer: quote example and how to request online

Among the best offers of personal loans you can not fail to mention the InDirect financing options. The Flesh Loan can be requested directly online with digital signature. Among the advantages of this product there is certainly the delivery speed, given that we will have the possibility to receive the amount we wanted in just 5 minutes! The sum of money that we can request through Flesh Loan ranges from a minimum of 3000 euros up to a maximum of 50,000 euros. The offer of InDirect is very convenient for several reasons. First of all, they are not expenses for opening and managing the file. Furthermore, it will not be necessary to pay the annual stamp duty and termination tax and we will have the possibility to choose the early termination without any additional cost. Finally we can use the Riduci Rata and Salto Rata services free of charge, which will allow us to manage our financing according to our needs, redefining the repayment plan.

As we have seen for the previous credit institutions considered, also in this case on the InDirect website we are presented with an example to better analyze the conditions of the offer on the Flesh Loan. A loan application amounting to 10000 euros is considered, for which a 60-month repayment plan is chosen. The repayment installments provided for by InDirect will be equal to 207.34 euros, with interest rates of Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9.44%. The total amount to be repaid will be € 12465.40, so the total cost of the loan will be € 2465.40. If the amount you are interested in is different from 10000 euros and you want to know the conditions of the offer for your Flesh Loan, just use the simulator available on the InDirect website, inserting the desired amount and the duration you prefer.

Loans changed by private individuals on offer: advantageous solutions or scams?

Loans changed by private individuals on offer: advantageous solutions or scams?

A particular type of loan that is usually offered to all those who have difficulty in receiving a personal loan by turning to a bank or financial institution is the loan that has been changed. In particular, the categories of customers targeted by the unemployed and those who have been reported as bad payers. This is in effect a personal loan, with the difference that repayment takes place through the payment of bills issued by the lender. Modified loans are provided by private individuals, thus offering the possibility of receiving the desired loan even to those who do not have the guarantees usually requested by the lenders. This is possible because the bill, through stamp duty, is in effect an enforceable title, with which the lender can easily request the seizure of the assets to obtain the sum of money lent and all the interests agreed.

From this point of view, the offer of the changed loans represents an excellent opportunity for protested or non-paying customers. At the same time, however, it is good to be very careful when receiving a loan from individuals of this type. There are many offers of loans that can be found especially online, so it is good to pay attention to any scams. In particular, our advice is to distrust all those who promise extremely low interest rates. Often the scam consists in requesting the payment of management fees before the loan is granted, and then becomes untraceable for the client. Attention must also be paid to the applied interest rates, as sometimes private individuals offering changed loans set extremely high rates, exploiting the lack of customer alternatives to the desperate search for a loan. In this sense the law defines the thresholds of usury over which the financing is illegal and therefore it is possible to report the private who lent us the money.

Personal Loans between individuals online: the best offers through social lending

If you are interested in receiving a loan from individuals online, the most convenient and secure solution is undoubtedly that of social lending. It is a social loan, that is, in a sense, a help that is offered by citizens to other citizens, who can thus realize their project. On the internet there are various community social active lending, they are put in touch with the Service Claimants. The difference with respect to loans made to private customers that we have just discussed is that the online platform in which the loans are provided is 100% secure as authorized and controlled by the Bank of Italy. 

The operation of the various social lending platforms is very simple and is rather “standard” in the sense that there are no particular differences between the three websites we have just mentioned. Once registered on the website, it can be presented as a Requestor or as a Lender. The method of requesting a loan is very similar to that which can be found by connecting to a bank’s website, given that we will have the online simulator available for the calculation of a free estimate with installments and interest rates. Once the request has been made, the various active Lenders will be able to decide the amount of money to be offered. Our funding will therefore be provided by different Lenders, but this will be hidden from the platform since we will receive a single amount and we will have to pay a single installment. The platform, which will act as an intermediary between the Applicant and the Providers, will divide the installment that we will pay among the various investors, each based on their percentage of financed amount.