Are you looking for a loan in 5 minutes, because you do not want to waste time with bureaucracy? Do you expect from the online loan an unbureaucratic, fast application process, a preliminary decision in real time? Then you are exactly right here.

The attached credit comparison meets all your expectations. In addition, it not only allows you to complete the loan application within 5 minutes. They even receive an offer from most providers to make the loan application legally binding within 30 minutes.

Credit in 5 minutes – consumer friendly online loan

Credit in 5 minutes - consumer friendly online loan

Every working person feels more or less trapped in the “treadmill” of binding dates. Efficiency determines acting in professional life and privately. To apply for the necessary credit in 5 minutes, the individual time planning is very accommodating. Millions of times, borrowers no longer opt for the traditional credit at the house bank, but for loan offers from the network.

This is not just about low interest rates, but about time savings. Employees, visiting the house bank, just to lead the loan, often a whole day’s holiday. Whether “in-between” allows you to take a holiday in the near future can increase the internal challenge. Every “holiday wish” affects given work processes and likewise the colleagues.

The bank’s online counter is open when credit seekers have the time and leisure to take care of credit. Nobody needs to bring in comprehensive credit knowledge, just to complete a loan application correctly. Applying for credit in 5 minutes is possible for anyone who understands simple questions in German. Most answers are limited to a tick, yes or no, as well as short statements and some number entries.

Innovations in online credit – now it’s even faster

Innovations in online credit - now it

The window of time for completing a simply formulated loan application is open to everyone. Thanks to the widespread Internet via mobile phones, even the breakfast break during working hours would be sufficient to submit an application. However, the loan application is not yet legally binding. In the past it was difficult for working people to find the time frame for the legally binding application in the Post-ID procedure.

After the work to go to the post office, to wait with all the other workers in the “Feierabendschlange” strained the tight schedule. Modern loan in 5 minutes, simply applied for a good credit comparison, can save this time. Instead of the Post-ID for the legally required identity check, the loan application is made legally binding by means of Videoident.

Anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or other device that is suitable for video telephony can use videoidentity. Today, almost every device, from mobile phones to game consoles to PCs or laptops with cameras and microphones, can function as a videophone. In addition, a free Skype account and a small check mark in the loan application would be necessary.

Videoident – quickly apply for a legally binding loan online

Videoident - quickly apply for a legally binding loan online

Videoident, the personal legitimacy for loan applications and account openings, was only admitted in 2014 by the Dufol. Basically, the law required the identity check to avoid money laundering. At the same time, the process protects lenders from falling for fake identities. The only annoying thing in the past was the time wasted on the online loan through the application route by mail.

Applying for a loan in 5 minutes saves a lot of time if the subsequent steps are delayed. For the application by videoident the waiting time until the callback of the examiner is about 30 minutes. He answers by video call. The valid identity card must be kept ready for examination, alternatively the passport in connection with the registration certificate.

In addition, the caller checks that the loan application is actually made personally. For this purpose, he looks at the application for a credit card with a camera and compares the personal data with the identification data. In addition, the evidence referred to in the loan commitment annex may also need to be kept in the camera for review.

Overall, the exam takes less than 5 minutes on average. Depending on the offer used, the examiner, after successful ID verification, sends a verification code via SMS to log in to the lender’s homepage. In most cases, direct banks allow the upload of the required evidence as part of the verification. This completes the procedure of legally binding loan application.

Fast credit at almost any credit rating

Fast credit at almost any credit rating

The convenience of applying for low-interest credit in 5 minutes is not just reserved for people with excellent credit ratings. Almost the entire range of credit ratings will find a suitable offer for the convenient online loan. Credit comparisons, such as that of Smava contribute to the fact that almost everyone quickly finds it and applies purely online. There is an exception. Foreign credit without Private credit for Germans.

The debt-free loan could be requested directly from Sign Crediter, but the loan application must be manually downloaded and completed manually. In addition, the legally binding direct application can only be made via the classic Postident by post. Alternatives provide some credit intermediaries. They feel the modern online loan application.

The credit in 5 minutes via intermediaries is still not equivalent to the direct application for credit. The entered data do not go directly to a bank, but take their way through an intermediary. For reasons of data protection, it is very important to pay attention to whom the application is made. Not every mediator works seriously.

Mini credit – TackCredit without loss of time

Mini credit - TackCredit without loss of time

If liquidity is lacking to meet the needs of everyday life, borrowers are in a particular hurry. They expect the loan in 5 minutes, as possible application, credit decision and loan payment to unite. Quite fast, unfortunately, it is not. The currently fastest flash credit probably offers Neofunding from Berlin.

It is a loan in 5 minutes facing the application. The mini credit is eligible despite low income and recognizable credit rating restrictions. With a view to the passage of time, a lightning loan with payment in 24 hours would be the first application.

The lightning loan for existing customers gets really fast. Credit in 5 minutes can almost literally apply to mini credit for existing customers. Guaranteed, through the express option, application, credit check, credit decision and payment within 30 minutes.