Debt consolidation is a new type of loan offered by different financial institutions. By buying debts, people who have loans or credits with different banks can join them and thus better organize their payments and reduce commissions and perhaps the interest on their debt.


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Debt consolidation at is a service that banks give to natural persons so if it is your case and you have problems to deal with all the payments you must make, this may be your option.

What personal debts can I consolidate?

They will depend on each bank. In general, consumer debts can be consolidated. In some cases, banks will accept to buy debts such as personal loans and credit card loans.

Some financial institutions have no problems in including debts to consolidate business cards (departmental cards).


3. Compare bank offers well

3. Compare bank offers well

Comparing well will not only help you, in this case, to obtain the lowest interest and costs of bank commissions, it will also be useful to find the debt purchase offer according to your needs. And not all banks cover the same debts or offer the same benefits.


Tips for agreeing to consolidate your debt

Tips for agreeing to consolidate your debt

The first thing to keep in mind is that no bank will lend you money if you have late payments. So if you present a moratorium record at a risk center, you will most likely not get what you need. Keeping up with your payments is the key to getting more financial benefits!


Secondly, you have to keep in mind that you can take advantage of the purchase of debt, ideally, stop using your credit lines. I know this can be difficult, but it is necessary if you want to get out of this vicious circle.


I also recommend that you verify that the entity that buys you the debt allows you to make advance payments and that is how you can take advantage of your extra income to reduce the final amount, interest, or the duration of payment thereof.


What do you think of these tips? Do some research on the offers of the banks that interest you before deciding on one. You can also use the Talven comparator to find the offer that best suits your needs.